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Credit Insurance Business Partners

Business Partners

We protect clients directly engaged in domestic and international trade. Working in partnership with small businesses through Fortune 100s, we handle policies, weigh risk assessment, and expand credit for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, commodity traders, service companies, and exporters headquartered within the 14 states of our Midwestern territory.

  • Protect your business from unforeseen losses due to insolvencies, bankruptcies, and simple non-payments
  • Provide information products to prevent late pays, slow pays, and no pays
  • Make wiser credit decisions and extend more credit to more customers
  • Support your international growth and expansion into unfamiliar markets
  • Manage political risk and its effects on your business opportunities and growth

Protect your business now—and in future.

Credit Insurance Financial Partners

Financial Partners

To enhance their credit capabilities and expertise, we partner with institutions financing clients in trade. We are adept at structuring policies and providing risk assessment for lenders, turnaround management, private equity firms, accountants, attorneys, and wealth managers, among others.

When you partner with us, we help you:

  • Augment your clients’ credit department–and better serve your clientele
  • Minimize your risk in relation to your clients’ accounts receivable
  • Guide your clients in making wiser credit decisions
  • Support your clients’ business growth and expansion

Protect your clients’ business—now and in future.