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We are the authorized Midwest agent for Coface North America, who provides credit insurance policies, global business intelligence and information products, and commercial collections services.

Credit insurance is about protection—our policies cover your domestic and foreign accounts receivables against bad debt. If you’ve ever experienced a late pay, slow pay, or no pay, you know how devastating a loss can be to your company’s bottom line. On average, 40% of a company’s assets are concentrated in its accounts receivables–and insuring this valuable asset ensures a safer way of doing business.

Yet, credit insurance is also about possibility. When you choose us, you make an investment that yields maximum return. By combining Coface’s international power with trusted local guidance, we enable you to manage and maximize your receivables—helping you extend more credit to more customers, grow your sales, and expand into unfamiliar markets with confidence.


1 in 4 bankruptcies

are due to unpaid invoices


Accounts receivables

make up 40% of a company's assets


Banks loan

80% more on insured receivables

Trade safely around the world.

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Credit Insurance Business Partners

Business Partners

We protect clients directly engaged in domestic and international trade. Working in partnership with small businesses through Fortune 100s, we handle policies, weigh risk assessment, and expand credit for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, commodity traders, service companies, and exporters headquartered within the 14 states of our Midwestern territory.

  • Protect your business from unforeseen losses due to insolvencies, bankruptcies, and simple non-payments
  • Provide information products to prevent late pays, slow pays, and no pays
  • Make wiser credit decisions and extend more credit to more customers
  • Support your international growth and expansion into unfamiliar markets
  • Manage political risk and its effects on your business opportunities and growth

Protect your business now—and in future.

Credit Insurance Financial Partners

Financial Partners

To enhance their credit capabilities and expertise, we partner with institutions financing clients in trade. We are adept at structuring policies and providing risk assessment for lenders, turnaround management, private equity firms, accountants, attorneys, and wealth managers, among others.

When you partner with us, we help you:

  • Augment your clients’ credit department–and better serve your clientele
  • Minimize your risk in relation to your clients’ accounts receivable
  • Guide your clients in making wiser credit decisions
  • Support your clients’ business growth and expansion

Protect your clients’ business—now and in future.


Make wiser credit decisions with global risk information.

Our credit information services are designed to help you make wise credit decisions, no matter where you trade. We offer a range of credit information products, from credit reports to recommendations on risk-taking, all in one convenient package.

We provide access to Coface’s powerful global information-gathering and analysis network, which includes data on more than 65 million companies in more than 200 countries, all in real time. That means we’re able to provide invaluable local expertise to nuance market and risk assessment around the world, protecting and empowering you.

Coface Credit Reports

Clients can access up-to-date, reliable data on almost any business, anywhere in the world. With domestic and international coverage, our credit reports mean you're poised to make solid and informed decisions on your business, customers and prospects.

Coface Credit Opinions

Created by Coface, the @rating reliably indicates a company's creditworthiness. Ratings are based on a database of 65 million companies as well as country-specific intelligence and nearly 70 years' experience in trade credit insurance. We also offer monitoring services.

Experian Business Reports

We offer several of Experian's commercial business reports for immediate delivery. These reports present a current and objective picture of how a business handles its financial obligations, including actual prior trade payments and payment performance within industry context.

Equifax Canada
Commercial Credit

These easy-to-understand reports contain comprehensive information on Canadian supplier trade data, courthouse items, third-party collections and much more, provided via immediate online access.

Dunn & Bradstreet
Business Information Report

With company profiles that include history and trends, a D&B Rating and credit behavior by industry, these reports help assess the risk of doing business with millions of US and Canadian companies.

Coface Debtor
Risk Assessment

The Coface Debtor Risk Assessment measures the probability that a company will default over a 12-month period, helping you determine whether a customer is an acceptable or high risk.


Recover past dues worldwide.

Maximize recovery on your outstanding debts with our commercial collections services. Successful recovery requires a high level of local legal expertise and a global talent network. And, our clients have access to debt collection services for both insured and uninsured accounts, protecting them for safer trade worldwide.

Our commercial collections services provide:

  • Optimized risk management
  • Valuable operations support
  • Access to local legal resources
  • The potential to protect a good relationship with your customer

This information is intended as a general overview of Coface policies and is neither an offer nor a contract. Only the policy can provide the actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions and exclusions. Services provided by Coface North America Insurance Company and Coface Services North America, Inc., 50 Millstone Road, Suite 100360, East Windsor, NJ 08520. Coverage not available in all states.


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